offers the ideal key for linking your home with the garden. Folding Doors In Dubai UAE open and close smoothly, and stack modestly to open and whole wall of your home. Bespoke opening sizes, configurations and door designs allow replacements and the folding doors in dubai flexibility to design doors that suit your standard of living and meet your requirements. Low or level threshold designs allow equal floor finish levels inside and out, whilst maintaining full weatherproofing. It makes for a safer home atmosphere with a much lower risk of trips and falls. All of the Doors  are fitted with the latest hardware and locking systems to give you superior security and peace of mind. Folding and Sliding doors are secure, smooth and stylish made to measure. We pride ourselves that our  BIfold are the finest in the market, you will not only get the best of products but also excellent service and a competitive price. Probably much less expensive than you though.


Fold and Slide maximize available space by reducing the track related with typical doors. Sliding doors simply slide along with a track instead of swinging open, which means that no extra space is required for the door arc because they simply open up by one door sliding over another panel. Fold n Slide has taken to the next level by integrating soft-closing and self-closing features for smooth, steady, and gentle operation at your fingertips. The soft-closing technology not only enhances appearance of door and its surrounding but also brings you safety without the use of electric power, our Folding sliding door hardware for glass and wood doors designed for residential and commercial use become more popular among builders. When it comes to utilizing space as well as connecting your home to your outside space, bi-fold doors are a very practical addition to your property, and can be single, double-glazed or triple-glazed for extra thermal efficiency.

Fold n Slide  systems can be fitted in configurations from odd number system like 1,3,5,7 or 9 leaves. A variety of opening options are available, and the doors can be set up to open in one direction or split to fold into opposite sides of the opening. Each individual bi-fold door section is available up to 80cm wide, with panels up to 300cm high, so that views outdoors are maximized and improving a home’s energy efficiency.

Aluminum is a lightweight, incredibly strong material, so it works perfectly for large efficient, modern doors with ultra-thin frames. We offer a bespoke design and installation services for aluminum bi-fold doors for commercial projects as

well as residential projects.

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