In recent years there has been a large spike in the number of online startups who trade solely through online platforms and ship mattresses direct to Best Eve mattress the customer, which removes the need to visit time consuming showrooms. I like a firm mattress, however the Eve mattress doesn’t have the softer initial layer like most upholstered mattresses do. We were concerned that it would be “hot”, as friends with memory foam mattresses had experienced, however that isn’t the case.


Revolutionary Cooling Layer (1 inch) – Since heat is a big problem with viscoelastic foam, the mattresses also has a layer in charge of absorbing moisture and keeping the temperature at optimum levels – This type of foam comes with improved cell structure which increases durability and make the final product 30 times more breathable than other viscoelastic sleeping surfaces.


Even though the Eve mattress comes in a box, it was not hard to set up. It began expanding immediately, and by the evening it was ready to sleep on. The

mattress expands for a couple of hours to its regular shape, but honestly you could lay on it right out of the box to get an idea of what to expect.


Emma’s cover is thin enough and breathable; it feels soft and will never cause overheating because the air can flow easily through it. Sleeping on is always cool not only because of the cover but also because of the first and second layer that reduce your body heat and let air to flow through them.


Below the cover there is a layer of memory foam which is natural, antimicrobial and keeps your body cool whilst providing a bit of ‘bounce’ – this also moulds to your body when you put your weight on it. It’s INCREDIBLY comfortable and you really feel the full support of it.

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